Tuesday, 14 July 2015

No Head Space

Just been out round Warrington where I saw, to my dismay, closing down notices on one of my favourite stores, Head.

Head, an independent DVD/CD/Vinyl music store, arrived in Warrington in 2013 after HMVm which previously had the store, shut down.

Ridiculously, HMV are returning to Warrington and have set their hearts on regaining their old store from the landlords, meaning Head is on its way out.

Great isn't it? The big corporate made staff redundant and didn't give a toss about their local clientele back in '13 (customers who had to go to Liverpool or Manchester to buy DVDs and CDs) and now, after an indie store has proved their mistake, they waltz back in making (Head) staff redundant all over again. 

If you ask me, this is sad news: Head was far better than HMV anyway.

Read all about it here

My condolences to all the staff at Head, I hope you get work someplace else soon and thanks for all your help and good service

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