Thursday, 30 July 2015

Meeting My Crush!

What a lovely day! Out in Warrington earlier I bumped into Helen Skelton, out with her new baby. I've been a fan of Helen's and fancied her like mad for a long time so naturally I was a bit tongue tied! All I could do was smile, nod and say hello and thankfully she smiled back and said hiya. Pinch me! Haha

I believe Helen's moving to France shortly; her Warrington Wolves rugby playing husband Richie Myler has signed to Catalan Dragons, so this brief meet was probably my only chance!


  1. Nice girl. Always admired her for that single-handed row she did down the Amazon.

    1. She's great isn't she? The single row, the tightrope walk across Battersea Power Station, the slog across the Arctic...childbirth must've been a doddle!