Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Jane Asher in Rumpole of the Bailey, 1978

Screencaps of Jane's guest appearance in the Rumpole of the Bailey episode, Rumpole and the Alternative Society, first broadcast on 10th April, 1978. The episode sees Rumpole journey to the west of England to defend Jane's character, Kathy Trelawney, a hippy schoolteacher who is charged with selling cannabis to a police agent provocateur. Like her appearance in the debut episode of Hazell also that year - shown just three months earlier in fact - Jane's role came relatively early in what was the second episode in what was the first ever series of Rumpole. It shows that Jane was quite a pull at the time, a star name that ITV felt would be able to attract viewers to their new productions.

I especially liked her court outfit seen in the last few pics. That, combined with how she wore her hair, made her look rather Pre-Raphaelite. Lizzie Siddal would have been proud!


  1. Did you ever see Frank Sidebottom doing a thing about Paul McCartney's girlfriends and the correlation between their quality and his career trajectory? The graph plummeted.

  2. Thanks for these!! She looks really beutiful!! <3
    Yes, her court outfit rocks!! Jane's fashion in the 1970s was great!!

    Where did you find this copy and Hazell's? Keep them coming!! <3


    1. I have both series on DVD, but you can actually watch this Rumpole ep in full for free here http://www.veoh.com/watch/v41275788EJ3SAZX?h1=Rumpole+of+the+Baily+Season1Episode2