Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

Join The Women's Equality Party and be a part of a new political movement from the ground up. Why? Because women still suffer inequality today. Around 1.2 million suffer domestic abuse each year whilst 330,000+are sexually assaulted. Convictions rates remain low. Because it will take 70+ years to close the gender pay gap. Because women still aren't represented enough in the media, in parliament, in business or in law. Because things need to change!

Or alternatively join Labour to give your support to the only anti-Trident, and totally anti-austerity candidate for party leadership, Jeremy Corbyn. Info here. And ask your MP to sign EDM73 to ensure that your anti-Trident voice is heard.

George Osborne delivers his Budget tomorrow and in all likelihood he'll be hammering the most vulnerable families. Email the Treasury today to save Child Tax Credit and keep millions of children from sliding into poverty under Tory rule.

Stop the cut to CAMHS Services

Ask the UK government to write off UK Held Greek Debt and ask the UN to intervene and call an emergency conference.

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