Monday, 20 July 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

The NHS : Lots to sign to protect and aid this great socialist institution, staring with this demand to cancel the proposed inquiry into whether it should be funded by user charges and insurance rather than tax. Healthcare is a human right and no one should have to lose out on medical help because they cannot afford it. Another petition along similar lines can be found here

This petition calls for the resignation or dismissal of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt for his ill informed lies regarding the NHS and its workforce and the breaching of patient confidentiality. As does this one and this

Join the campaign to get the NHS to reverse its decision to remove funding for clinically proven treatment to prevent blindness

Stepping Hill Hospital in Manchester is being considered for 'super hospital' status, which would mean the downgrading of Wythenshawe Hospital and the people of South Manchester disadvantaged.

The 10% Pay Rise : This disgusting upturn in the fortunes of each member of the Tory government continues to rile and offend at a time when benefits and public services are cut and everyone else's wage is frozen. Sign the following to get Cameron and his cronies to refuse the pay rise, to give it back to the taxpayer and to donate to the 10 poorest families in each constituency, or to increase and backdate public sector workers pay because firemen, nurse, police officers etc really deserve this 10% rise.

Trade Unions : This government's proposed bill to neuter the power of the unions will remove the ordinary worker the right to democracy. It is imperative that we fight for these rights now. A worker without representation is sending us back to the dark ages, where picketing would be illegal. Remember Tolpuddle! And sign this petition

Stop Animal Testing, test a Tory instead!

Demand the Resignation of Cameron!

Homelessness : Just like the Thatcher era, the present govt are happy to see people on the streets. Condemned to a life on the streets for being Gay is all too common a problem that needs rectifying. Meanwhile, Chester has become the latest borough to impose ridiculous fines on people sleeping rough. Sign here and here. This may not be local to you, but it will soon happen in your town, unless we take a stand now. Maybe it already has?

Demand the removal of the US nuclear weapons from British territory Diego Garcia in 2016 in line with the requirements of the ANWFZ treaty. The lease expires next year and we need to comply with the treaty, to aid the advancement of a more peaceful nuke free world and to right the wrongs of the past. 

The CND will be screening the seminal once banned BBC film The War Game in London on 6th Aug, Hiroshima Day.

Save the BBC : The Govt have launched their public consultation on the BBC. Please make your opinion heard to protect this institution. Here

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