Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

The BBC: It's clear the Tories have this much cherished, vital institution in its sights. Frankly they won't be happy til they create the Big Brother Corporation - which we saw the glimmer of during the Scottish referendum last year -ideally with Murdoch at the helm whose exorbitant less value for money Sky TV never seems to trouble them as much as the licence fee. Please sign these petitions to show we will not stand for the cuts and destruction at the BBC at Tory hands hereherehere and here

Unions: It's also abundantly clear that the Tories want to destroy the last bastion of people's rights - the Trade Unions. Their latest bill will make it impossible for workers to withdraw their work to express dissatisfaction with unfair employers and policy decisions. It is a deeply regressive bill that will take every freedom and right away from us. Sign here

The workfair scheme, a policy from Cameron, Osborne and IDS may prove to be illegal and, as such, cost £130 million in damages. This petition rightly demands that the cost for their nefarious policy should come from their pockets and not the coffers of the public who suffered from their decision. How is IDS still allowed to work?

A passionate and personal petition demanding the restrictions to council housing be changed.

Fostering Crisis Action for Children are highlighting the shortfall of foster carers at a time when up to 68,000 children desperately need protection and safeguarding from domestic abuse.

Lastly, a glimmer of hope; Jeremy Corbyn looks set for success

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