Monday, 13 July 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

Inevitably after last week's Budget, much of the petitions are concerning themselves with challenging the heartless decisions from Osborne

National Living Wage: A demand for All Adults to be given it. A specific one to address it for the Under 25's. A demand for Extended Sunday Working Hours to be granted the living wage. Calls for the BBC to stop calling the new Nat Min Wage the Living Wage and lastly, on a similar tack, calls to take the govt to court for the disingenuous use of the phrase Living Wage

Student Maintenance Grants: Please sign the following to stop scraps to this grant - hereherehere and here

1% : Calls to reconsider the 1% pay rise for teachers here, and a campaign to get Cameron to follow his own rules and take a similar paltry increase here

Demands for a referendum here in the UK on the current Austerity Measures

No confidence in Cameron? The man wants to bring back fox hunting amongst other unpopular decisions. Call for him to resign

Excommunicate IDS!

The Opposition are meant to Oppose, right? Harriet Harman doesn't seem to know that, help remind her.

Greece is still the word: Sign these to support our Greek friends - herehereherehere and here

Calls to close The Mayfair Loophole

Lastly, calls to increase funding for our Ambulance Service

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