Monday, 6 July 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

Greece is the word! Following the impressive No vote to austerity, petitions have appeared demanding the UK govt provide a similar ballot for us here in the UK. Sign them here and here There's an event going on round about now outside the TUC, see info here And show your solidarity with Greece by donating to the campaign here

Make it illegal to leave dogs in hot cars I saw it myself in Settle last week; the weather is extremely hot and people are still leaving their pets to fry in locked cars. 

LIDL Everyone loves Lidl and its bargains, right? Wrong; think of the employees and their poor working conditions and sign this petition to ACAS

Australia A petition seeking to remove their PM Tony Abbott for silencing the endemic sex offences and abuse against asylum seekers. It's a shocking read - Abbott has made it illegal to blow the whistle on these crimes.

IDS the Cunt Let's get him booted out of cabinet.

How can the world's third best women's football team not be allowed to perform in Rio next year? Sign here to allow the Lionesses their chance to roar at a platform they truly deserve to compete in.

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