Monday, 8 June 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

Royal Mail - pissed off about the sell off? Worried about the quality of service? Irritated that the same people will profit? Sign these hereherehere and here

End the leaseholder nightmare of losing equity - sign here. Because homes, those who have and those who have not is going to be a big fight and issue in the next five years you'll see.

Speaking of which, another petition against the horrid Bedroom Tax

Tories find Scots being sold into slavery amusing? Lucy Frazer MP seems to think so. Watch the video and sign here

Nutrition and the NHS - a petition to increase nutrition in the diets of patients in hospital.

What activist Olive Morris did and achieved for the community of Brixton is incredible. This petition asks for a memorial to remember her.

Kay Burley Ugh, need I say more?

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