Thursday, 4 June 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

Julie Young lost her severely disabled son. Now she's facing eviction from her home because she cannot afford the bedroom tax. Sign this to try and get this decision reversed.

Another petition on the bedroom tax in general can be found here

Iain Duncan Smith the absolute cunt, this blog's bete noire is appealing against the publication of statistics relating to the deaths of those affected by his savage disability benefit cuts despite the Commissioner of Information watchdog ordering him to do so. It's time we stood up to this bald heartless creep. Please, if you sign one petition, make it this petition.

On a day which George Osborne tells us we need to get on with the cuts or rather the challenge the country faces right away, it's worth reminding people that the Parliamentary Standards Authority is lobbying for a pay rise for MP's. If you think this is wrong and MP's wages should be frozen, kept as they are or even cut then this is the petition to sign

Sign here to stop forcing the most vulnerable and sick into employment.

Put the Arts back into education. Sign here

More funding for Special Needs Schools

Improve Mental Health Education and Treatment in schools by signing here

George Galloway wants to stand for Mayor of London. Tell him he's not wanted here

UKIP's attitude to the LGBT community stinks, yet Pride in London have said they won't discriminate against UKIP, despite that party discriminating against LGBT people! This petition calls for UKIP's removal from this year's Pride march.

Nominate Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader? A chance to have anti-austerity and anti-war represented in the party.

Trident This petition asks for Ian Murray MP for Edinburgh South and Shadow Secretary of State in Scotland to use his position to support the CND campaign and get Trident removed.

And lastly a local one here; a busker in St Helens has been served an unfair noise abatement notice from Environmental Health because he was performing amplified music. As far as we can see amplified music is legal and the performer's setting was at the lowest option possible. Sign here

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