Friday, 8 May 2015

The Good, The Very Bad and The Downright Ugly

After a few hours sleep I'm trying to see the positives. After all, Esther McVey The Cunt got booted out of her seat a little before I turned in at 6am this morning, as did George Galloway for Respect, so these are very good things. Other good things; I woke up to hear Nigel Farage lost Thanet and therefore stepped down as UKIP leader which will hopefully signpost his ridiculous party towards oblivion and obscurity. I woke up to hear Nick Clegg, egg well and truly on his face, managed to wipe a bit away to realise he too had to step down as leader of the Lib Dems. 

But losing Ed Miliband seems harsh. Even though I never felt utterly confident in him as a leader I'm worried for the only real rival party to the Tories, the party that still more or less represents my interests and what I believe in.

And we still have IDS. We still have Michael Gove. The Tory big hitters are still here.

It's so utterly depressing and it's hard to see just what happened and went so spectacularly wrong. I feel like someone has died, except all around us on TV there are people with smiles on their faces expecting us to be happy to see that "Mr Cameron" has got his majority. How can you be happy with the prospect of five more utterly soul destroying years of severe cuts and hardships as the divide between the rich and the poor gets wider and wider?

We can't deny that people didn't turn out this time around, the sad fact is that people did turn out - they just turned out for the cunts. But it's hard to keep a civil tongue in your head when you go online to find some people proudly proclaiming that they did not vote and that they did not believe that their opinion doesn't count as a result, because their opinion is still valid. Listen, a ruptured appendix is still a valid life threatening illness but if you don't go out and seek medical attention you have to realise you're on your fucking own with only yourself to blame. That one such person was explaining the reasons they didn't vote for the Labour party they believe themselves to be naturally associated with because they want to see our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan (Um, they are out luv) just proves to me how out of touch people who blindly refuse to take part in the democratic process actually are.

And if people are that deluded is that why parties like the Tories with their horrendous policies continue to thrive?

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