Saturday, 16 May 2015

Tea Up!

Francoise Hardy


  1. Je adore Francoise - delicious pictures I have not seen before. The first records I bought when 17 were Francoise's French EP's (ask your dad, to quote that Radio 1 DJ who dismissed Paul Simon's new collection which was number one album). Francoise had the look and the image that was just right for the early 60s, just like Marianne Faithfull here. Francoise attracted the likes of Dylan and the Stones too. She is still going strong now and still singing, though with short grey hair, but time waits for no-one.

  2. Francoise is covered in the BBC4 programme on French popular song, which is repeated at 11.30pm, tonight -Sunday 17th. You're welcome.

    1. Thanks!

      How prescient og me to share this pic now!