Thursday, 7 May 2015

Take Control Of The Future; Vote Today!

Today is the General Election day here in the UK, a chance for each ordinary man and woman to go to a village hall or school and overthrow the government.

I know its trendy these days to follow the teachings of the porno Jesus, Russell Brand, and refuse to take part in the political process but, with the greatest of respect to the writer of such legendary, insightful tomes as My Booky Wook and My Booky Wook 2, he was just fucking wrong when he said that - as proven by his subsequent coming out for Labour.

Yes, I agree with Brand when he says grass roots politics is a great thing. Yes watching ordinary people standing up for what they believe in and making a change in circumstances they believe are impoverishing them is an admirable, beautiful thing, but Brand doesn't realise that these people wouldn't need to do that if they just attended a polling station every five years and cast a vote to a party that pledged to look after them. If they had voted Labour in 2010 say (or indeed any party other than the Tories) they wouldn't have had the social cleansing or the bedroom tax that so blighted council house residents these past eighteen months. 

If you don't stand up and say what you want in society then the people in power can do what they want to you.

This is your chance to stand up and say no. This is your chance to take control of the future. Your future.

So, if you're still undecided this morning, think about the past five years. What have you liked and what have you disliked? You have the ability to improve the quality of life for the next five years to come. What issues are important to you? If you're a regular reader of this blog what posts have mine have you found yourself agreeing with, or disagreeing with? What's important to you; Is it the welfare state? The NHS? The economy? The Media? Employment? Defence? Education? Immigration? You owe it to your country and yourselves to find out which party best represents those issues that concern you the most and go and place a cross next to the party you feel most secure in with those issues.

The General Election is the first step towards the future of our country, and that is something that is just too damn important to leave to someone else. That is why, if you are old enough and are registered, you simply must vote today. If you don't show up, if you refuse to take part in the process than anything that happens in the next few years has absolutely nothing to do with you. Which means whatever government is formed can do what the hell they like and you have no say. You don't have a right to feel angry, to be offended or to criticise because you did not take part in the process.

People died for your right to vote and, right now, all over the world there are still some people willing to give their lives for the very chance you have; a chance to have a democratic right to have a say in how your country is run.

You owe it to those less fortunate than you to use that right.

Please, vote today. Make that change.

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