Friday, 29 May 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

End cruel drug funding policies within the NHS and save 12 year old Abi Morgan's life! Sign here and here

Lord Janner is considered too ill with dementia to face prosecution for child sex offences. This petition asks that that decision be overturned, allowing his alleged victims some justice.

Protect Whistleblowers in coming forward in cases of historic child sex abuse.

This petition seeks Free Prescriptions to be available for the mentally ill on the NHS.

Support The Miners Yes 30 years after the Miners Strike they're still being shafted. This petition calls for their pension surplus to be given to them.

The French have passed a law ensuring excess unsold supermarket food is not thrown out but is given to the homeless. Sign here and here to pass that law here in the UK.

Alexandra Court Nursing Home in Wigan has received countless claims of bad care. Let's step up our care for the elderly and demand an investigation.

Demand more funding for Dementia in the NHS.

Cares Allowance No more cuts!

Protect Frontline Ambulance Services Support Unison proposals.

The Left To Unite A demand for Harriet Harman to consider a progressive alliance to ensure a stronger Left in 2020.

Syria Refuges are dying. Let's demand this stops now.

Katie Hopkins. Need I say more? Here and here

Britain's Hardest Grafter is a new BBC show that will pit the unemployed and low paid workers in a series of tasks to find out who works the hardest and receive a cash prize. This is nothing but pure exploitation and poverty porn and it has utterly appalled me and several users on who have immediately started petitions to get this production shut down. Please sign them herehereherehere and here This is not The Hunger Games!

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