Thursday, 21 May 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

The Daily Fail is at it again; in the light of Victorino Chua's sentencing for his killing spree at Stepping Hill Hospital, they've decided to publish a deeply inflammatory article that suggests all Filipino nurses are somehow as guilty as Chua himself. This petition and also this one ask for such dangerous negative generalisations to stop and for a public apology.

Pardon the Trident whistleblower A petition from Scottish CND in support of William McNeilly's actions in exposing the poor safety standards on Trident nuclear submarines. There's another petition here too.

Trident is also a concern for this petition which demands its abolition and removal from Scotland. Whilst we're on the subject, why not join CND? I did after watching Threads the utterly shittifying 1984 drama from Barry Hines.

Bahar Mustafa makes a mockery of the role of Diversity Officer. This Petition calls for her immediate removal.

Grassroots Labour supporters believe less than four months is not enough time to reflect on the difficulties currently facing the party and to elect a new leader. Harriet Now is a petition which requests Harriet Harman remain leader until 2016, giving the party more time to prepare for their future and more importantly the future of the UK.

Millifandom was a surprising but somewhat important and at least an amusing tool in this year's election. The proponent of this was Abby Tomlinson who proved that young people were actually interested in politics and who knows, maybe if they had the right to vote at 16 we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now? This petition requests that Ed Miliband meet her for lunch. It's a bit of fun! No bacon sarnies though eh Ed?

Dennis Skinner that last bastion of true Labour and the rebellious spirit is in danger of losing his prized seat on the rebels bench from SNP MP's who wish to claim his seat. This shouldn't be allowed!

Work Experience for MP's If we really are all in this together, why not make each and every MP experience a year of living on the equivalent of benefits to? Would they be so quick to cut welfare knowing just what such a life entails?

Alternatively, this petition asks for A Cap on MP Expenses

Lastly today, please support this Anti-Austerity movement.

And please do yourself a favour and watch Frankie Boyle's Election Autopsy Hilarious and with some great comment and opinion from rapper Akala; a very intelligent and thought provoking man.

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