Thursday, 14 May 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

It took the Labour Party from 1997 to 2005 to fully abolish Fox Hunting with the 2004 Hunting Act, so it comes as no surprise that 'the Party that understands country affairs' (because they own half the bloody country!) are likely to repeal the act. A raft of petitions have sprung up in the past week concerning this issue which you can sign herehereherehere and here (that last one set up by one of my fellow St Heleners)

Food Banks continue to be an important issue. This petition asks the PM to donate his 10% pay rise to a local food bank, whilst this calls for supermarkets to establish a donation scheme where there just out of date food is given to food banks in the area.

Zoe Russell has ADHD, Aspergers and a spinal condition called Lumbar lordosis. She is asking for the rules regarding DLA High Rate Mobility Awards regulations to be changed to accept that she will never get better for these conditions and requires constant help and supervision. Sign her petition here

The LGBT community in Northern Ireland demand equality now. Join them here

We need to learn from the General Election last week for 2020. This campaign demands the voting system to be reformed to be more fair and representative.

The North wants to secede from England and go with Scotland! Sign here Or grant the North independence with the Raise the North Campaign

Iain Duncan Smith's heartless cuts at the DWP effectively make him responsible for crimes against humanity. A recent report claims that the UN feels that the UK violates the rights of disabled people, so let's campaign to send IDS to the court of human rights now, before the Tories abolish the Human Rights Act. Sign here

No confidence in the government? Stand together by signing this petition. People power!

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