Monday, 11 May 2015

Fighting Back : More Petitions To Sign

Because we need to do all we can to stop the Tory rot, please sign these petitions;

The Human Rights Act Call on the Tories to provide a national referendum on this pledge from their manifesto. So many rights we currently enjoy will be removed by the Tory Party including the right NOT to be tortured, the right to freedom of expression and the right to a fair trial. Let's not be the generation that loses these privileges and takes us back to the dark ages.

Decent Housing Establish a national system of rent control in the UK to ensure everyone has the right to a home.

Mental Health A demand for a realistic budget to tackle the problem of Mental Health.

Voting A petition suggesting voting should be compulsory within the UK. I'm not altogether sure of the notion of a compulsory democracy, but having heard some absolute shite being discussed from people who pass on their right to vote I'm leaning towards it.

Elect a New DWP Secretary Our old 'friend' Iain Duncan Smith is responsible for at least 60 deaths in the last three years as his cuts and intimidating decisions came into force and has made the govt write off £34m in the middle if a recession on a troubled Universal Credit system. He needs to go NOW!

We're Only Making Plans For Nigel Bit of a fun one this. Since UKIP's Farage has gone back on his word and the official word is that the party's national executive refused his resignation, this petition asks them to reconsider and allow Nigel to go free!

Dan Jarvis Although he's stood down as a contender for the leadership of the Labour party this petition wishes it to be known that should Dan Jarvice reconsider his position, there are people supporting him.

Split up the Country! Another fun one; This petition demands that the North be allowed to join Scotland and break away from the rest of the UK. I like the sound of this myself!


  1. Some good petitions there.

    Another one just for fun: some SNP supporters are calling for Jim Murphy to be kept on as Scottish Labour leader:

  2. I think this is going to be a regular fixture from now....looks like we'll need it!