Thursday, 9 April 2015

Out On Blue Six : Schneider TM

I've finished watching all four series of Coupling as my bed time viewing (and yeah, as I recalled, the fourth and final series without Jeff was crap; it really felt his loss and filling virtually every episode out with elaborate fantasy/dream sequences didn't hide that fact) and have now turned to the excellent but - at just two series and a one off special - short lived BBC3 sitcom Pulling written by the beautiful and funny Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly who went on to write Utopia for Channel 4.

Pulling didn't have a theme tune, but the DVD of the first series has this hauntingly good 2003 cover of The Smiths classic There Is a Light That Never Goes Out entitled The Light 3000 by Schneider TM on its menu, and the song itself plays over the credits of episode 3.

Watching it back so far I'd actually forgotten just how dark Pulling was and how unlikeable some of the characters actually were. Nevertheless it remains one of the best sitcoms of recent years and all the more refreshing for being female orientated. Rebekah Staton who plays ditzy, peculiar and unlucky in love Louise here is currently playing the mum in another splendidly female orientated sitcom; Caitlin and Caz Moran's semi-autobiographical comedy Raised By Wolves.

Schneider TM is the name used for the solo electronic music projects of Dirk Dresselhaus, a former member of several German indie rock bands. He has been releasing music since 1997, but his most notable piece to date is The Light 3000 - The track was voted by The Wire magazine as one of the best cover versions ever recorded.

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