Friday, 3 April 2015

Out On Blue Six : Placebo

I'm not usually much of a fan of anyone covering The Blessed Kate's songs - after all, you can't really improve on perfection can you? - but I must admit to liking what Placebo did to her hit Running Up That Hill in the early 00s

Their cover has been something of an earworm this past week as it is being used to trail ITV's new real life crime drama Code of a Killer which starts on Easter Monday and stars John Simm and David Threlfall (seen just the previous Monday in The Ark) in a dramatisation of Alec Jeffreys' discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its first use by DCS David Barker in catching a double murderer. Simm will play Jeffreys and Threlfall Barker and for viewers with a long memory its a reunion for the pair who last starred together in the sadly overlooked '90s BBC sitcom Men of the World by actor and writer Danny Peacock.

It'll also be fun to see Simm going back in time to be involved with the police again a'la the much missed Life on Mars - though this time it's Robert Glenister rather than his brother Phil, who gave us the brilliant creation Gene Hunt, among the cast list.

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