Thursday, 2 April 2015

Out On Blue Six : Joni Mitchell

Sad news reaches us that Joni Mitchell is undergoing hospital treatment, having been found unconscious at her home in LA on Tuesday, The official word is she is in intensive care, awake and in good spirits. Here's hoping she has a swift recovery

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  1. Indeed. We adore Joni more than anyone else ..... and as per my own blog I got to meet her purely by chance back in 1972, when we were all young and beautiful. I had seen her concert with young Jackson Brown, and a week later was on a bus going down Kings Road in Chelsea, when I spied a guy looking in a shop window, and he seemed strangely familiar, I knew I had seen him recently. I then realised it was Jackson and I wondered if Joni was with him, just as a blonde came out of the shop and joined him and they walked along. I jumped off the bus and followed them with no intention of talking to them, then he ran on ahead leaving her on her own, so I said "Joni Mitchell?" and she turned and smiled and was very pleasant to chat to, I didnt feel I was bothering her. We discussed the recent concert sound problems and she mentioned how she could not run in her sandals due to the polio she had as a child. They were looking for a gallery before it closed, so I walked her along to it. This was after "Blue" which was a huge hit but she was not known to the general public and could move around ok, perhaps stars did not need entourages or protection back in that more innocent time before Lennon was shot. Her music has evolved and changed over the years, I love all her 20 or so albums, so here's hoping she will be fine.