Monday, 13 April 2015

Go Green? and The Homeless Period

As we approach the General Election next month I have had cause to contact the political candidates standing in my area (St Helens South and Whiston) on two linked issues that are effecting or are likely to effect the NHS; the threat of TTIP and the BMA's fear that post election, patients may be charged for basic services.

I sent the round robin letter, drafted by 38 Degrees, to John Beirne the UKIP candidate, Brian Spencer the Liberal Democrat candidate, Marie Rimmer the Labour candidate, James Chan the Green Party candidate and Gillian Keegan the Conservative candidate.

The first letter concerning TTIP was sent exactly one month ago, the second one was sent last week. On each occasion only one candidate has bothered to reply to me was James Chan of the Green Party. Not only did he reassure me in each reply that, as both a prospective politician and as an A+E doctor, that he will do all he can to protect the NHS, but he also replied promptly on each occasion - within days in fact - whilst UKIP, Labour, Lib Dem and the Tories remain silent to the concerns of their constituents.

Is it any wonder people are getting pissed off with the Big Three parties when they can't even be arsed to communicate with us? What's frustrating is that St Helens has always been a Labour town (my dad can recall a teacher at his school informing the class that 'a pig in a red rosette' would get elected in St Helens) and they are clearly blase and arrogant that their election to office is a done deal, despite Marie Rimmer, a three time St Helens council leader, awaiting trial in Scotland for assault. I am naturally a born and bred Labour supporter but I have for decades now been disenchanted with their lack of traditional socialism at the core of their party's aims and intentions. I *think* that I do want to see Ed Miliband at Number 10 (anyone but the Tories! And a half hearted Labour is better than no Labour at all) but I don't really want to give my vote to someone like Marie Rimmer, with her less than illustrious past and her lazy attitude towards the people of St Helens.

Right now, I'm thinking James Chan has my vote and I will be popping down to the hustings event at St Helens Parish Church at 7:30 this Friday

Also, did you know homeless shelters do not have an allowance to buy sanitary care for women and yet they do have one to purchase condoms for men? Please take a moment to watch this video and then, please sign the petition to get homeless women access to sanitary care products

Sign it here

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