Thursday, 9 April 2015

Five Weeks

Five weeks what you ask?

Well its five weeks ago today since I last had any alcohol

I'd previously done three weeks without the booze this year and found it not only a refreshing break, but a great way to lose weight. I am now almost a stone and a half lighter than I was in 2014 which makes me very happy as my new year resolution was to lose some weight/get healthier. So, five weeks today I decided to knock the drink on the head again. 

Surprisingly - for someone who has always been steeped in the drinking culture - I don't miss it at all. But then I haven't been especially sociable this past month so maybe that's a factor in staying dry. I can see the benefits; the aforementioned weight loss, a clear head, less indigestion, less IBS pain, feeling fresher and healthier. I'm really enjoying sobriety and I fully intend to get at the very least another week out of it to double the length of my last abstinence period.

Wish me luck!


  1. no drinking during the rainy season for me is not a big deal. However, hot season it would be impossible

  2. Well done.

    I gave up chocolate for a month a couple of years ago and found it an interesting experiment. It was a fun little challenge for myself and I guess I was probably healthier at the end of it than at the beginning.

    Good luck with making it to your sixth dry week. ;-)