Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Name's Bond, Jane Bond

Was it just me or did Rita Ora look incredibly hot rather like a Jane Bond type on The Voice this weekend?

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the final selections from every coach this weekend. I think they got rid of some really distinctive and original talent in favour of the same old bland and rather forgettable pop and soul ballad types

But hey at least Rita was looking fabulous with that androgynous tuxedo suit!


  1. How I agree - some surprising choices and some real talent sidelined, but wasn't it ever so (I can't watch The X-Factor any more).
    Rita has been busy what with the Oscars and the Brits and here but looked marvellous in that long hair (must be a wig, she was sporting a short crop recently, unless these knockouts were done months ago )...
    Sir Tom seems to be enjoying it all more too, what with his fee and suite at the Savoy - "Yeah" ! Will.i.am though seems rather bored with it all now .... its pure theatre of cruelty really after 8 being chosen and then knocking them down to 3, and they don't even get a trip to the Judges' houses !

  2. I could never watch The X Factor on account of old Cash Cow-ell.

    I think the Knockouts, along with the Battles and of course before them the Blinds were all done last year, though I'm not 100% certain re the Knockouts, just going off something Ora said on Graham Norton a few weeks back.

    Let's face it, win or lose it hardly sets their careers on fire....the coaches are the ones with the (revived) careers as a result and none more so than adopted Brit will.i.am