Friday, 13 March 2015

Out On Blue Six : New Order

End Transmission


  1. I never used to like New Order (although loved Joy Division), to be honest I still can't stand Blue Monday, but picked up Substance earlier last month and have been listening to it constantly since.

    1. LOVE New Order and Joy Division. Indeed, I love Factory bands full stop. There's probably a huge clue in my choice of favourite films on Letterboxd ;)

      One of the best gigs I ever went to was a New Order gig. They put on a fab show and it's just a shame they're no longer talking. But then, that said, their later output was progressively poorer so maybe its just as well. But yeah, Substance is a brilliant album!

    2. The ongoing feud is at least entertaining. I'm still a bigger Joy Division fan than New Order but JD are one of my favourite bands. I've had to pick up Unknown Pleasures on CD this week as I have no access to my vinyl at the moment.

    3. Fact: Atmosphere by Joy Division shall be my funeral song.

      Morbid I know, but I've had that planned for years now!

    4. I haven't thought about that, I possibly should although I don't know who would carry out my wishes, if my mum outlives me she would disregard my wishes completely. I'd possibly want to go with something as long and interesting as possible, Space is the Place by Sun Ra or A Rainbow in Curved Air by Terry Riley.