Thursday, 26 March 2015

Out On Blue Six : Joan Armatrading

Isn't this just beautiful? I must admit, I first heard it many years ago over the credits of the 'Rodney Come Home' 1990 Christmas episode of Only Fools and Horses, I've loved it - and Joan - ever since.

Joan's music has been put to good use with BBC comedy again recently; Down To Zero is the theme to Paul Whitehouse's latest, tender comic drama, Nurse on BBC2 Tuesday nights which he stars in playing multiple roles alongside Esther Coles.

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  1. I love love LOVE Joan and have since 1976 when I got that "Love and Affection" album with "Down to Zero", "Join The Boys" and all those great tracks, I practically wore that album out and finally lent it to friends to get it out of the house. Her previous one "Back to the Night" is wonderful too, I got her following ones also, I love her look, that fire and ice voice and her music - like Joni Mitchell and Aretha Franklin she has it all. I have seen several great concerts of hers over the years, at Hammersmith, in Brighton, and recently in Croydon 2 or 3 years ago, she still sells out concert halls, and has a great back catalogue.

    1. Knowing you're a fan of The Voice Michael, did you find that the black Irish lady who was on Tom's team and whose name escapes me, had a touch of Joan's voice in her singing style? I found her a deeply moving experience to listen to, much like Joan herself. I don't know what Tom was thinking not putting her through to the semi finals and I think the failing in his odd decisions have shown now that he's only got one performer in the final - the one he saved himself.

  2. Yes she did ! I was totally shocked at the Judges' final choices, several great singers were side-lined. I think I may have had it with these these kind of shows. (I didn't miss the X-Factor at all last season, I had no intention of going back to Cheryl and Mel B judging other people). The judges do best on these shows, Tom gets his million quid or whatever plus his suite at The Savoy for the duration, and Rita Ora has put herself on the map as well. Its all about raising one's profile. Job done.

    Joan is now doing her final tour with just her and acoustic guitar. She fronted great bands in her time and must have been a well-respected musician in her own right.

    1. Her last tour? :( That's one I won't ever get to see then. Damn! I should have been more determined on previous tours.

      I couldn't believe Tom's final choices - the lady we're discussing here should have been there, as should the young 16 yr old and the Irish guy with the glasses. The cynical side of me says he threw it, that they want Rita or Ricky to win this year seeing as Tom and Will have both had winners in previous series.

      But yeah the real winners of The Voice are the coaches, without a doubt.

      I skipped Strictly last year because of the lacklustre line up. I can't say I missed it all that much. Typical though, you wait for ages for Brucie to retire and the show to ditch the annoying arrogant James Jordan and when they do, they don't hire anyone I really know or care for!