Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Out On Blue Six : Bronwen Lewis

This, taken from the film Pride, has made me cry twice now. Once in the cinema and again in my living room last night.

Bread and Roses has always been a song that melts me, but this version from a stirring moment in the film and performed by Bronwen Lewis has me in a puddle. 

Welsh girl Lewis first tried her luck at the age of 19 on the BBC talent show The Voice. She performed Fields of Gold in Gaelic and made Tom Jones cry, but didn't make the judges turn around. Shame on them! But then, when you consider the judges back then included J****e J and D***y O'D******e (let's treat those talentless cunts with the expletives they deserve) it kind of explains their inability to spot a good singer. Thankfully the makers of Pride knew talent when they saw it and hired her immediately for the pivotal scene in which she starts a rendition off Bread and Roses in the miners club.

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  1. And Tom didn't turn around either? He can cry all he likes but he's a prick as well. I love 'Pride'. Great, uplifting film that has gone down a storm round these parts, naturally. The cinema in Blackwood was packed for days.