Monday, 2 March 2015

Hi-de-Hi, Susan Beagley!

I'd previously blogged about BBC2 repeating Hi-de-Hi of an afternoon and how the first series gave us a chance to admire the beautiful Penny Irving here

But I'd clean forgot about the Yellowcoat who would go on to replace her in series three to five, the beautiful Susan Beagley

Susan played Tracey Bentward, an attractive brunette and doctor's daughter who was born in Stoke Newington in 1935, which made her twenty-four during the 1959 season her episodes were set in. Tracey's talent lay in sport where it was revealed she was a former club tennis champion and a league basketball player.

There's actually less info available regarding where Susan Beagley is now than there is on the somewhat reclusive Penny Irving. All I know is she married a stockbroker in the September of 1986 which made the news (well, the Daily Fail at least)

And that her last TV credit was as a 'newswoman' in a 1990 episode of the ITV sitcom Never The Twain.

The two years she spent on Hi-de-Hi between 1982 and 1984 appears to have been her biggest TV role and as well as marrying after she left the series she starred in a theatre version of Cluedo from 1985-1986 at the Theatre Royal Bath alongside Avril Angers, Are You Being Served? star Trevor Bannister and, who else, Christopher Biggins  - I'm guessing she was Miss Scarlett!

For my money, the prettiest of the Yellowcoats, it's been nice to say Hi-de-Hi to her again!


  1. She also plays Jane, a lead character in Salad Days (1983, ITV, Ian Richardson and others). Superb singing voice!

    1. Thanks for the info, must see if I can track that one down

  2. Salad Days (Yorkshire ITV). Never issued on tape or disc.

  3. dont get why a good actress went off the radar ..

  4. Replies
    1. I don't know - what makes you think that?