Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Times They Are A-Changing

Looks like Blogger gone all prudent and will no longer allow sexually explicit content or nudity on public access blogs from March 23rd.

Read all about it here

Obviously this will affect my blog. I'm told I can either mark it as private for followers now or, I presume I'm right in thinking, leave it and Blogger will automatically set it to private from March 23rd for you.

What a bum deal!


  1. Very glad I moved over to Wordpress when I did. Blogger is all twinsets and pearls, innit? ;)

    Move over to Wordpress!!!

    1. It makes me feel like I'm running a porn site just because I post some mildly titillating saucy images. I mean, imagine how many fashion photos both you and I have posted down the years would get taken down under this ruling?


      I's like to know if, by taking my blog to private, it would mean the end of any new followers as surely a private blog would mean no one new could see it?

      Of course you can't ask blogger this, they don't have a help contact address as far as I can see!

      For two pins I would move to Wordpress but there's just so much stuff here from the past 3 years that transferring over would be a Herculean effort

  2. I moved my entire blog to Wordpress (they have the facility to do this, although it can take a while it's worth starting now - at least you'll have a backup!) and that was probably 5 or 6 years worth of posts! A few comments weren't transferred, but it was a small price to pay and I believe ALL the posts made it over.


    My blog is marked as mature, which I did myself out of courtesy (and probably isn't necessary when it's really only a few nipples here and there), which just limits random promotion within wordpress public areas, but the blog itself isn't forced to be private and people still find me on searches etc. Presumably on blogger, you now won't be able to find a blog such as yours without knowing it's there and emailing the owner for access.

    Ridiculous. It makes me wonder if G**gle are just trying to jettison another unprofitable thing like they did with Reader?

    1. Thanks. If I can get my head around how to do it, I might just make the leap.

      BTW, I find myself childishly amused by the statement 'when its really only a few nipples here and there'

      The infuriating thing is the help forum. It was flooded with complaints and queries last night and they just kept marking comments as spam and breaking up conversations like some totalitarian regime. The best answer I could get was that this has come into play because Blogger is having problems with some users who are essentially porn hosts. So, instead of targeting these, they decided a blanket rule is best. Hmmm. Oh and then as if to reassure us that our blogs won't be punished unnecessarily they keep using the phrase 'fuzzy policy' which to me just screams 'not been thought out properly' and actually seems to be saying both that it's a cock up from the off and that if you do get targeted without reason they've already got their excuse lined up.

  3. I saw this on the BBC News site this afternoon and immediately thought of you and wondered how it would affect this blog.

    I've not got any plans to move my own blog to Wordpress but I read blogs on a variety of platforms, but if you moved I'd continue to read your blog wherever it was hosted. :-)

    1. That's good of you to say Cait!

      I've no firm plans as yet, might just have to see how the land lies...

  4. Just got the message about this when I logged into my blog to post something (this is Ipcress from Letterboxd btw). I've now followed your blog, in the hopes of still being able to check it out after March 23rd.

    Still not clear on how it might affect my site; I only very occasionally post screencaps in my Giallo and Krimi reviews that include female nudity, and usually only nudity that is incidental (or so buried in the background details of the shot that you could blink and miss it). Very much hope I won't have to do something drastic to keep the blog accessible (though I checked out that Wordpress conversion link above, still seems like a daunting prospect).

  5. Common sense prevails!