Saturday, 21 February 2015

Random Infatuations : Rita Ora

I'm hardly in her music buying demographic, but for the past few weeks I have become completely smitten with the incredibly cute and utterly charming Rita Ora in her role as the new coach on The Voice 

Tonight marks the end of the show's blind auditions, which is frankly the series highlight. Here's hoping the lovely Rita can keep some of the shine and appeal shown thus far going all the way up to the final

Just super cute!


  1. I agree, she is totally adorable and seems genuinely helpful and concerned about the contestants, unlike that other one I could but won't mention (Kylie was nice as well...). Of course these auditions were done a while back, Rita appears at the Oscars tonight, and she should be ideal too once the live shows begin this coming weeked.

    1. They replaced the two worst judges after two series that's for sure - Old Me Me Me Me Meeeeee and Bono O'Wannabe. I was scared we'd be going back to square one after losing Kylie, but the line up is just as perfect if not more so. Now if only they can fix other aspects of the show ie the battles and lives being less interesting and the lack of success for the ultimate winner.

      I'm going to miss Rita's lovely hair and outfit here though!