Saturday, 21 February 2015

Out On Blue Six : Cliff Richard

A real guilty pleasure this one (not that I've ever truly agreed with the notion of 'guilty pleasure', but let's face it who admits to liking a song by Cliff?!) Heard it again on Top of the Pops on BBC4 Thursday (which to my pleasant surprise featured The Regents performing 7-Teen again!) and it's been haunting me ever since

What can I say? I like it!

I might do some Out On Blue Six 'Guilty Pleasures' specials come to think of it ;)

End Transmission


  1. I always thought this was one of his best songs, too. Up there with 'Out In The Country'.

    1. Yeah other than stuff like Move It and his early famed work with The Shadows, this, Devil Woman and Wired For Sound have been three I've always been rather partial too. I love the arrangement on this