Friday, 27 February 2015

Common Sense Prevails!

Blogger had intended to make private all blogs with adult content by the end of next month in a bid to deter a minority commercial porn spammers (as previously blogged about here)

But common sense has prevailed!

They have decided, thanks to much criticism and complaints, to overturn their original decision. Read all about it here


  1. I'm glad they've changed their mind. I thought that the adult content warning was a pretty good way of letting people know there might be bare bums on blogs they were planning to view. ;-)

    Related note, when we got our phone contract a couple of years ago, I had to get John to call up (as the contract is in his name, so I couldn't do it) to get them to turn off the parental lock on my phone so I could view your blog! Adult content block in action!

    1. Hehe yeah I remember you telling me the troubles of being unable to view my blog that time!

      It is a relief that they've changed their mind. I appreciate why they wanted to put it in place, but I think 'punishing' the majority over the actions of a minority is never fair.