Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Two Minutes Hate : Saints and Scroungers

The Two Minutes Hate was a propaganda tool and cathartic release for the masses in George Orwell's 1984; a daily period in which the party members of Oceania must watch a film complete with audio and visual depictions of the Party's enemies and express their hatred for them. 

The purpose of the Two Minutes Hate is satisfy the masses subdued feelings of angst and hatred from leading their miserable, controlled existence and re-directing these feelings away from the Oceanian government towards external enemies (which probably do not even exist), in an attempt by the Party to minimize subversive thought and behavior and keep everyone under their control.

Or as we call it currently on BBC1 daytime, Saints and Scroungers

Like the odious Jeremy Kyle on ITV, Saints and Scroungers serves as our very own Two Minutes Hate by parading before our eyes the most disadvantaged and fraudulent in society. The programme has two intentions; to show the 'saints', people who have severe hardship and haven't realised what they're entitled to, and the 'scroungers' those who milk the welfare state for all it is worth. It is this latter class of people the establishment want us to feel disgusted by and hate. They welcome our anger and jeers, deflecting us away from similar criminal and fraudulent activities from the most advantaged in society - namely big business, bankers and politicians - the 'white collar' class where the real crime actually occurs. Because, despite the BBC screening Saints and Scroungers every day ad infinitum, benefit fraud really accounts for just a tiny amount of fraudulent crime committed in the country overall, as this statistical breakdown from the CAB shows here 

So how come the BBC doesn't do a Saints and Scroungers style programme based on the crimes of insider traders and dodgy bankers? There certainly wouldn't be any scarcity of material for them to show and the 'Saint' element could be those philanthropists who routinely give something back to society from their riches. And how come Matt Allwright, the smug, finger wagging Saints and Scroungers host has never felt the need to showcase the benefit fraud committed by his former TV colleague Dan Penteado?

They don't because like Orwell's Two Minute Hate they want us to focus instead on what simply isn't there. They want us to fight among ourselves rather than take the fight to their door. The BBC and the establishment want us to focus instead on the smaller crimes being committed in our own class until we become like a dog chasing its own tail, oblivious to what's really going on around us.

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