Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Clash : New Year's Day '77

Julien Temple's latest, screened on BBC4 appropriately enough on New Year's Day, mixes archive footage from a rather long forgotten home movie of The Clash on New Year's Day, 1977 with fascinating national and regional news, current affairs and light entertainment footage from that period. This could so easily have been called 'A Warning From History; Welcome to the Second Winter of Discontent' instead. 

The punk credo may have been 'No Future' but, as we're currently experiencing and as Temple wishes to point out, we have had a future; it's just that, right now here in the UK, it is one of history repeating itself. Only trouble is, we don't have a rising disaffected youth movement getting up and screaming about it this time around, just utterly dormant, cowed and compliant apathy - and that really is 'No Future'.

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