Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rocky VI (1986)

Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki's 1986 8 minute short feature, Rocky VI is a wicked, funny satire on Stallone's Rocky films, but more specifically a satire on the rampant bubblegum propaganda evident in what was then the latest chapter in the Rocky series, Rocky IV (the VI if this spoof isn't meant to denote '6' but is an inverted VI of the title it is lampooning - IV/4) 

The film pitches a puny looking mullet wearing Rocky (Antti Juhani "Silu" Seppälä of the group Leningrad Cowboys who provide the film's incessant, pumping tongue in cheek soundtrack - the music being extremely key in Stallone's movie after all) against Igor, a huge mound of flesh complete with Brezhnev eyebrows played by Sakari Kuosmanen. The American and Russian meet to slug it out as a metaphor for The Cold War at the Töölö Sports Hall in Helsinki, where Igor promptly beats the living shit out of Rocky, the referee and anyone he can lay his hands on in the crowd.

Beautifully shot in black and white, Kaurismaki may be having a laugh (then again, on reflection, he may be producing a more accurate metaphor for The Cold War than Stallone could ever have hoped to) but he isn't shirking technically; this is a great little short that put me in mind of Peter Richardson's somewhat thematically similar work on The Comic Strip Presents.

Watch it here;

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