Friday, 9 January 2015

RIP Lance Percival

News of yet another sad passing has just reached me; actor, comedian and singer Lance Percival has died aged 81 following a long illness.

Percival shot to fame in the early 60s thanks to the satire boom, performing calypso's and sketches on David Frost's That Was The Week That Was before appearing in sitcoms like Citizen James alongside Sid James, his own show Lance at Large and light entertainment and panel shows like Who Do You Do? You Must Be Joking and Whodunnit!. He lent his voice to the film of Yellow Submarine playing Paul McCartney and appeared in several other films including comedies like Twice Round The Daffodils, Carry On Cruising, The Big Job, On The Fiddle, There's a Girl In My Spup. Up Pompeii and Up The Chastity Belt, but he was also a noted dramatic actor too, starring in the Michael Caine war epic Too Late The Hero and the Burton/Taylor film The VIPs as well as the musical Darling Lili opposite Rock Hudson and Julie Andrews. He also appeared as one of the Radio West DJ's in the BBC crime drama Shoestring.

A noted speed demon, Percival found himself involved in a tragedy in 1970 that almost lost him his eye and caused the death of one man when, during a high speed race on a dangerous stretch of highway near Brands Hatch, he crashed his Jaguar XJ. Percival was summoned to court and agreed to pay substantial damages for his fatal cavalier actions.


  1. That is a shame, Lance was rather a forgotten figure lately, like the recently departed Jeremy Lloyd, but he too was an essential 1960s face and part of the David Frost set.
    I loved SHOESTRING and keep meaning to put the dvds on ...

    1. Very forgotten yeah, unless it was to bring him into conversations of the 'doesn't Matt Smith look like....' ilk! You're so right to include him in the same breath as Lloyd as they were both clearly cut from the same cloth and its a tragic irony they both went so close together. LOVE Shoestring. Might have to rewatch that when I get through all the other rewatches currently going on; Juliet Bravo, Angels, This Life, Borgen, Spiral, The Lakes etc