Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jim Allen : A Man of His Words

Remember when TV had the balls to say things weren't right in society? 

In a week where I've highlighted the BBC's clear failing at providing a public service (here) it's nice to spot a tribute to a man who was at the forefront of the corporation when they had the nerve to speak out against unfairness, injustice and threats to what we hold dear.

That man was the socialist playwright Jim Allen, responsible for groundbreaking works on Play for Today and many scripts for Ken Loach films.

You can catch a half hour programme presented by Christopher Eccleston concerning Allen on the Radio 4 listen again service here

His seminal, still fiercely relevant Play For Today, The Spongers, concerning the drastic welfare cuts against societies most disadvantaged can be seen on YouTube here. As the radio tribute says, it's a powerful drama that demands watching and if the Beeb had the balls, they'd repeat it now given the current climate which just shows nothing has changed in forty years

You can sign my petition asking the BBC to repeat Play For Today, Screen One etc on BBC4 here

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