Friday, 2 January 2015

Brighten Up Your Day : Anna Church

Being British I have an interest in the weather. Being male, I have an interest in women. This often means I'm interested in the female weather forecasters on the BBC! 

Readers with a long memory may recall I was very keen on Laura Tobin until she defected to ITV and their breakfast show. There's been a bit of a dry spell in terms of interest since then (though I have grown fond of Nina Ridge; she of the striking features i.e. nose and teeth that friends tell me is often my 'type') But last night, whilst watching the early evening round up for North West Tonight I stumbled across Anna Church, who I believe normally presents for East Midlands Today.

Well how lucky are the Midlanders? Isn't she lovely? A beautiful curvy real woman. As you can see in the following clips, she'd give you a real warm front alright!

On these cold wintry nights she's just the sort of person you'd need to keep you warm. Her twitter page has lots of lovely photos including a main banner picture that certainly shows off her asset!

Yup, new infatuation here! I might have to start taking an interest in the regional affairs of the East Midlands ;)


  1. When I lived in Nottingham we had the aptly named Sara Blizzard on EMT.

    1. I was gonna ask if she covered your area (Ooh Matron!)

      There's a few lately with names that you think 'that must be a leg pull'; Sara Blizzard, Nine Ridge...