Saturday, 13 December 2014

RIP Tom Adams

Another sad passing in the world of entertainment, veteran actor Tom Adams has died following a battle with cancer aged 76.

Their really isn't many left like Tom, a real saturnine smoothie, urbane and square of jaw who, realising perhaps that such a stereotype was on the wane, exploited it's naff old world charms really well in three James Bond spoof movies of the late 60s, Licensed To Kill (aka The Second Best Secret Agent In The Whole Wide World) from 1965, Where The Bullets Fly the following year and lastly Somebody's Stolen Our Russian Spy (aka OK Yevtushenko) in 1969. Adams starred as Charles Vine - the brainchild of exploitation director Lindsay Shonteff  - the man the British government turns to when their first choice James Bond is too busy. Shonteff would make a further three films featuring Vine - 1970's Number One Of The Secret Service, Licensed To Love and Kill from 1979 and finally, 1990's Number One Gun - but none of these featured Adams and Vine was played by Nicky Henson, Gareth Hunt and Michael Howe respectively.

Adams had a long career starring in the likes of Emergency Ward 10, The Avengers, The Persuaders, UFO, General Hospital, The Onedin Line and Doctor Who. He also starred as Dai Nimmo, aka 'Diversions', in The Great Escape.

In later life he became something of an adverts king and much desired voice over man. His dark vocals could be heard on E4 whilst he appeared in person in ads for Aero, Dixons, Stannah Stairlifts and perhaps most famously for the endless, eternal DFS sale.... 

DFS - Dreadful Fucking Sofas haha! That ad was from 1994, remember it as clear as day, and yes - the sale is still on!

RIP, here's Sammy Davis Jr with the theme tune to his first outing as Charles Vine (last heard in the big screen adaptation of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)

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