Tuesday, 23 December 2014

RIP Jeremy Lloyd

We've sadly lost one per day in the run up to Christmas and I'm afraid it's showing no sign of letting up as news comes in that Jeremy Lloyd has passed away aged 84 from pneumonia.

A quintessential Englishman - a role which he certainly played up to - Lloyd was a talented comic performer, actor and scriptwriter. He was perhaps most famous for co-writing two of the BBC's most successful sitcoms alongside David Croft, Are You Being Served? and 'Allo, 'Allo, but also appeared in films such as A Hard Day's Night, Help!, The Wrong Box,  Smashing Time (pictured below with Valerie Leon) The Magic Christian and Murder On The Orient Express.

He was also a regular fixture in many comedies and cult dramas on TV in the 60s and 70s including a successful sojourn Stateside for Rowan and Martin's Laugh In, The Avengers, Callan and the shortlived sitcom he wrote and starred in alongside his then wife Joanna Lumley, It's Awfully Bad For Your Eyes Darling

A true original, we really shan't see his like again. RIP


  1. Dear Jeremy, he always seemed to be enjoying himself! I'd love to see his sitcom with Joanna.. We should be seeing a lot more of Mrs Slocombe's pussy then and Mr Humphries being free and Captain Peacock, if the BBC do some repeats. He is terrific in SMASHING TIME as the pop producer exploiting silly Yvonne (Lynn Redgrave) with her hit record "I'm so Young" - it seemed almost a joke when Tulisa did a similar pop ditty a while back, before her fall from grace.

    1. Beautifully summed up Michael, he did really seem to be enjoying himself at all times!

  2. One early Joanna Lumley you would appreciate is the 1970 film THE BREAKING OF BUMBO, lost for a long time, but now on dvd. as per this review of it(by me):

  3. I've been meaning to catch that one ever since getting word from Network they were releasing, but still haven't got round to it. Thanks