Sunday, 28 December 2014

RIP David Ryall

Further sad news; the actor David Ryall passed away on Christmas Day aged 79.

Ryall enjoyed an eclectic career on stage, screen and TV that spanned fifty years and was someone I enjoyed watching greatly. As the cast card pictured above shows he enjoyed a brief but fondly remembered stint in series eight of Casualty in the early 90s as wise locum consultant Tom Harley, but he also appeared in several of my favourites including Jack Rosenthal's excellent TV play The Knowledge, To Play The King, Enemy at the Door, The Singing Detective, Inspector Morse and Goodnight Sweetheart to name just a few. The older he got, the twinkly he became and the roles seemed to become kinder and more jovial. He most recently he is perhaps best known for his roles in the Harry Potter film The Deathly Hallows Part 1, the Sky sitcom Trollied, the BBC drama Our Girl and as the grandfather in the sitcom Outnumbered. He also played the elder Bert, Britain's oldest man, in Peter Moffat's excellent saga The Village, recounting his life in a series of flashbacks.


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  1. I saw this on my Facebook late last night. Exceptionally sad news. While he will always be Tom Harley in Casualty to me, I can't recall ever seeing him in a role I didn't enjoy. RIP