Sunday, 30 November 2014

She's Got Anime Eyes

This is the young American actress Hayley McFarland. 

Look at those eyes; aren't they just unreal? They're like those of an anime character

I'm currently rewatching the series Lie To Me starring Tim Roth as Dr Cal Lightman, the human lie detector, on DVD. The series starred McFarland as Roth's daughter Emily. Her expressive eyes are truly striking.

I believe that since Lie To Me ended in 2011, McFarland - still just 23 - has gone on to star in films like The Conjuring and a regular role in Sons Of Anarchy. I wouldn't know, I stopped watching SOA around Season 5 because it was getting stupid, and I haven't seen The Conjuring. But I do believe she's a talented little actress with a great ability to convey emotion with those eyes alone.

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