Friday, 21 November 2014

Don't Be Reckless With The Beast Of Bolsover

God bless Dennis Skinner (dead ringer for my late grandfather) for taking to task the odious UKIP MP Mark Reckless during his swearing into the Commons following his success at the Rochester and Strood By-Election. 

Good old Dennis pointed to Reckless and the only other UKIP MP in the house, Douglas Carswell, and rightfully accused them and their obnoxious, racist party of wanting to deport foreigners from the UK. Claiming that he had 'a United Nations heart bypass' carried out by a Syrian cardiologist, a Malaysian surgeon, a Dutch doctor and a Nigerian registrar, Skinner argued that such skill set would be lost in the UK if UKIP, a party that allegedly has our countries best intentions at heart and which Reckless was on record this week as saying would consider deporting long term immigrants, ever came to power.

See Skinner's memorable and well received address here

Far be it from me to suggest anything to the great man, but maybe he sould have included the fact that not only would UKIP wish to deport such talented medics, they would also wish to privatise the NHS completely.

Once again I am staggered by the stupidity inherent among certain members of our voting public. Shame on Rochester and Strood for giving this literally Reckless man and his party a position of power, and praise be for the likes of Dennis Skinner.