Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Results Are In

This past week I've been running a poll asking readers what is their favourite type of post on this blog.

Happily for me, each category I listed received votes, which means I'm offering something for someone.

It's great to interact with readers/followers/visitors to see just what people stop by here for (though the Popular Posts - seen on the bottom right hand side of my page - give me a good indication, it's often just from popular links that take visitors rather than regulars to my blog; the chance to see Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones completely starkers being a prime example as you can see!) Hopefully, with help from little indicators like this, the kind of posts I provide will continue to entertain.

Here are the results in reverse order;

Out On Blue Six (Music posts) 20% of the vote.

Rapid Reviews (Short book reviews) 20% of the vote.

Bumday (Self explanatory!) 30% of the vote.

Wordless Wednesday/Silent Sunday (Photography) 30% of the vote.

Political Content (Petitions etc) 30% of the vote.

Theme Time (TV Themes) 40% of the vote.

Film Reviews (Self explanatory!) 50% of the vote.

Smoking Hot and other model photography/imagery 60% of the vote.

Feel free to comment on the results, to elaborate further on what you voted for and why, whether you're disappointed with what topped the polls or whether you're happy. And a big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

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