Monday, 6 October 2014

Rapid Reviews : The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman

I'm a fan of Sarah Silverman's comedy but I have to say this 'autobiography' came as something of a mild disappointment.

It's funny, but nowhere near as funny as Silverman is on stage, film or on television. Most of the humour and effort in the narrative seems to come in quiet early, principally in her recounting of her childhood and 'the bedwetting years' with things tailing off rapidly when it comes to her detailing her career and her life in the public eye. Indeed much of her life is either glossed over or omitted completely; we read how Sarah tried out a few open mic nights before securing a regular spot and then the next thing we know she's on TV with the narrative concentrating on her show the hilarious The Sarah Silverman Program and some notorious moments - such as upsetting the Asian community, Christians, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears with her comic material at various stages and upsetting fashionistas with her dress material at an awards ceremony - but there's virtually nothing of her film work, and her relationships in adult life - such as the long term one with fellow comic and TV personality Jimmy Kimmel - are pretty much completely avoided, with the break up between her and Kimmel only mentioned via a photo her father sent her of himself to cheer her up in the photo plate section of the book.

The affection Sarah has for her family really shines through the book which can be nice to read but in some cases does make you feel a little like a witness at an elaborate in joke (such as the chapter dedicated to her father's answer machine messages to her, the humour of which largely seems distinctly lost in translation to the printed word) Equally the insight into her comic persona and how absurd the complaints towards her material are when you dissect them is especially insightful, but ultimately this is a very selective biography and an easy unassuming read. 

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