Saturday, 18 October 2014


Sky Atlantic and Sky Living have engaged in some 'blue sky thinking' and decided to axe two very funny sitcoms; Mr Sloane and Trying Again after just one series each.

I really hate these kind of short sighted decisions. Granted you could argue Mr Sloane, the 60s set sitcom starring Nick Frost, Olivia Colman and Ophelia Lovibond, had something of a beginning a middle and an end in its solitary season to satisfy viewers, but Trying Again, written by and starring Chris Addison, alongside Jo Joyner, ended on something of a cliffhanger and featured characters I'd really liked to have seen again.

Mr Sloane's team, which included show creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm director Bob Weide, have taken to Facebook to confirm the cancellation and to express how they found the fate of the show ''baffling''. Make that you and me both. 

"Sky had been very supportive during the first series, and claims the show to have been a success for them by every measure" they said, adding "There is a new channel head at Sky who, it seems, has a new agenda for the channel that doesn't include our pal Sloaney. What that agenda is, we imagine, will become more evident in the coming year"

Sounds like there's an idiot in charge of Sky then and that the new agenda is for its channels to be a laugh free zone. 

Breaking news: Someone's started a petition to get Trying Again's cancellation reverted. Please sign it here

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