Friday, 31 October 2014

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Why has the shaven Bungle from Rainbow that is UKIP's deputy leader, Paul 'nutty' Nuttall deleted comments about the NHS on his website?

Could it be that UKIP want to mask or hide away the stances they have on anything other than their rapidly (though bafflingly) populist beliefs on the EU and immigration because they know that the prospective supporters and voters they get from espousing their Little England, borderline racist crap would soon change their minds if they heard about their unsavoury prospective policies and beliefs regarding things we hold dear such as the NHS?

I'm genuinely worried and astounded that such a madcap party of zealots, eccentrics, shysters and Tory floorcrossers can propel themselves forward on just one policy and I urge people to wake up and read the small print, read between the lines, see more than one opinion and actually realise how damaging a potential UKIP protest vote can be to everything we have fought for and become accustomed to.  

Don't fall for their flannel!

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