Friday, 26 September 2014

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

Hilary Mantel might look like how Walt Disney might depict a poorly shaved owl kitted out in a maternity smock but she's alright by me, because she's given us this great little alt history, in her recently released short story The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, which you can read in The Grauniad here

Naturally a phalange of right wing critics have slammed the author for her fictional depiction of the former Tory PM's murder in 1983, with the Telegraph refusing to publish the story despite paying a substantial sum to gain the rights! Mantel has hit back at her critics, saying ''I think it would be unconscionable to say this is too dark we can't examine it. We can't be running away from history. We have to face it head on, because the repercussions of Mrs Thatcher's reign have fed the nation. It is still resonating.''

Here here! It seems that, now Thatcher has actually carked it, much of our Establishment wish to treat us like children, reminding us how disrespectful it is to speak ill of the dead. Nonsense. This is a woman who, even they must agree, had always divided our nation and, as time has moved on, the genuine horrors of her reign - such as her lying about her government's activities that led to and continued through the miners strike of 1984/85, and the still shady arena of the cover up from the Hillsborough disaster - are slowly stepping, much delayed, into the white light of truth. As such we simply must continue to address our feelings towards her and reappraise them at each turn. The reason why those who have taken it upon themselves to act as 'our betters' do not agree to such a process is because they are fearful of us finding or fanning the flames of the same contempt at dissatisfaction in the current Tory led government.

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