Monday, 15 September 2014

RIP Angus Lennie

And amidst all this talk of 'Great Scots' we have the sad news that veteran Scottish actor Angus Lennie has passed away at a nursing home in Acton aged 84.

Lennie pretty much created a stereotypical wily and loveable Scottish persona for film and TV and starred in such classic WWII movies as The Great Escape and 633 Squadron which would see him paired up with Hollywood greats like Steve McQueen and Cliff Robertson, his diminutive frame gazing adoringly up at them as their comic and ill fated sidekick.

Lennie was a familiar figure on TV too most notably for playing the cantankerous chef Shughie McFee in Crossroads and roles in two Doctor Who serials, The Ice Warriors in the 1960s and Terror of the Zygons in the 70s.


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