Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pride (2014)

OK so some of Pride is very clunky in places and not all of the character storylines are as strong as you'd like, but let's face it this subject matter meant it was always going to get a favourable score from me.

Pride is inspired by the true life alliance of lesbian and gay men support group for the miners during their strike of 84/85. With a strong cast including well known and familiar names like Paddy Considine, Billy Nighy (the strongest I've seen him in on the big screen in some time), Imelda Staunton (hilarious), Andrew Scott (giving a performance I actually enjoyed) Joseph Gilgun, Liz White and Dominic West (occasionally veering close to an almost Simon Callow-like performance) alongside promising (relative) newcomers such as Ben Schnetzer (the heart of the film), Faye Marsay, George MacKay and Jessica Gunning as miner's wife Sian James (who is now an MP), it's a feelgood movie that gives notions of solidarity, socialism and supporting one another some much needed oxygen, leaving this viewer feeling like he'd just enjoyed a breath of fresh air in this somewhat selfish society.

An accurate 80s atmosphere and a committed intention not only to depict the agendas of both victimised and prejudiced groups but also to be honest enough in representing the animosity help from a lesbian and gay group often faced, added greatly to a project that, overall, can rightly take its place alongside films like Brassed Off and The Full Monty.

Now go and watch it, because you'll be touched, you'll smile, you'll be angry about the politics of one woman who purposefully and systematically set about trying to destroy many people's whole way of life  and you'll be even angrier to consider we've let those bastards in again.

But above all you'll FEEL

Oh and there may have been um, something in my eye during the rendition of Bread and Roses.

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