Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tonight's Tele Tip : A Touch of Cloth

Sky One brings the third instalment of Charlie Brooker's off the wall Naked Gun style police comedy, A Touch Of Cloth starring the tongue in cheek talents of John Hannah and Suranne Jones, joined this time by former Doctor Who star and all round gorgeous Scottish goddess Karen Gillan as rookie detective Kerry Newblood.

Starts tonight at 9pm and concludes tomorrow also at 9pm. It's a busy schedule of goodies tomorrow night too, with The Mill on Channel 4 at 8pm along with Cloth, the start of the second series of BBC1's excellent The Village and ITV's Great War: The People's Story all on at 9.

My Sky+ will be working to the max!


  1. I wish I had sky! I love John Hannah :(

    1. Sucks! He's brilliant in these films, just off the wall crazy